We are a one-stop-shop for many of your nonprofit organization’s needs. We cater to nonprofit organizations with our expertise and reasonable rates. Our mission is to help you grow your mission by providing the skills to help make your organization a success. We help you achieve your objectives efficiently at low costs, without you having to hire extra staff. Technology has come so far today that you don’t have to be local anymore. You can reside on the other side of the world and feel like you’re right next door. We have the technology to work with you, just like we were sitting side-by-side, allowing us to keep our prices low and help nonprofits reach their goals.

We are a team with a diversified set of skills that can help nonprofit organizations engage in today’s technology; eliminating the need for your staff to spend their valuable time trying to learn everything to keep-up in today’s fast pace technological and virtual world. Our flexibility and abundance of skills, makes it easy for nonprofits to come to one place for their needs.

We also do special projects and training. We work on a very personal level, just like being another one of your employees. We don’t waste your time by trying to sell you things, but instead listen to what your needs are and help you implement those products. The best part is we can work virtually, computer-to-computer, saving you time and being able to help wherever you are located.

Our goal is to give nonprofits the opportunity to have the tools they need to grow in today’s world. Whether you need a website, database, computer help… or if all the new social media is becoming overwhelming…we are here to help.

Remember, we are YOUR 1-Stop Nonprofit Shop!


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