Web Design

If you are looking for an affordable website that is designed specifically for a nonprofit organization, with a content management system (CMS)  you can easily maintain yourself; then you have come to the right place! We are not one of those high-end web designers, who will sell you all sorts of things you don’t need and charge you outrageous prices.

Nonprofits have to think about the lifespan of a website before deciding how much they are willing to spend. The lifespan of a website is typically two to three years in order for it to maintain a modern look. If a nonprofit doesn’t care about a modern look, then a website can last four to five years. With the short lifespan of a website, your nonprofit has to consider if they can afford to spend thousands and thousands of dollars every few years with those other costly web designers. We make our prices so reasonable that a nonprofit can afford to have a modern website every few years and still would be spending less than it would cost them for one website with a high-end web designer.

We have themes you can choose from which are customizable with your own colors, images, videos, etc., while emphasizing your brand and story. They are designed in WordPress, offering all the most current and important features a nonprofit website needs. All of our website designs are mobile friendly and are viewable across all devices.

If you don’t currently have a website or are looking to enhance yours at a very reasonable rate, we can help!


Special Price for a Limited Time
Includes FREE Hosting the First Year
Our Websites Include:

  • Attractive and appealing professional nonprofit themed design
  • Customization of the theme with your nonprofit’s branding, information, images and video
  • Emphasis on your story and ensuring all audiences can easily find what they’re looking for
  • Easy navigation with different ways of making selections
  • Highlighting the many ways to donate
  • Content Management System
  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Social Media Icons
  • Events Calendar
  • Events
  • Blog
  • Basic SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • DIY Templates to create your own event pages
  • Hosting and Updates to ensure your website is always running properly

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