Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing


Is your organization taking advantage of any of the FREE cloud computing services offered to nonprofits? If not, your organization is missing out on one of the best forms of technology today! Does your organization want to stay more organized, work together more efficiently as a team, but you are lacking the technical expertise to put a cloud-based system together? Or, maybe you have one that hasn’t been developed to its full capacity to make cloud computing an efficient way for your organization to work? Are you wanting to use all that Google for Nonprofits offers, but you don’t know how to get started? Whether your staff is in one office or various locations, including those who work from home, we can help your nonprofit get more organized so all your staff will have the tools they need at their fingertips.

What is cloud computing? In the simplest terms, it is storing data on internet servers, rather than your own local computers. With cloud computing, an organization can eliminate the need for an expensive local server and high IT costs. You can do the same thing in the cloud as on a server, and the best part is it can be Free! Data can be stored and accessed by any member in your group who is given permission. Cloud computing enables staff, board members and volunteers to be able to work together in real-time collaboration. Is your organization behind the times and not taking advantage of the popular cloud computing services available to you? We can help!

See What Cloud Computing Can Do For Your Organization

  • Collaborate more effectively with your staff, board and volunteers by having materials and documents always available to those you choose to have access.
  • Reduce your IT costs, or eliminate them completely.
  • Have one secure location that your organization can log into, housing all of your documents (including Excel, Word, PowerPoint and PDF’s), as well as photos and videos.
  • Be able to work from a remote location and still have access to office files.
  • Share your organization’s calendar, ensuring all are aware of meetings, events, seminars, vacations, etc.
  • Eliminate the use of back-up drives and flash drives to transfer documents from one computer to another.
  • Have your own domain with email accounts ending in your organization’s name.
  • Create forms that can be filled out online and automatically display in a spreadsheet for easy analysis.
  • Eliminate having to share documents as attachments through email.
  • A great way to ensure all staff is using the most current version of a document.
  • Work on the same document together, allowing as many collaborators to join in.
  • Automate more in your organization to save time and money.
  • Have the ability to choose levels of sharing, viewing and editing.

If you would like your organization to be able to do all the above and more, we can help!
We will help you choose a system that works best for your organization and help you get started. We can also help you improve a current system you are using.

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