Virtual Services

Virtual Services



Virtual Storage

Virtual storage, or using the “Cloud,” is becoming more popular today with its security features and ease of use. Contact us to find out how your organization can virtually back-up all your important documents, pictures, videos and other files.

Virtual Organization

Do you find your nonprofit’s staff gets frustrated and wishes there were easier ways to stay organized in order to work more efficiently? Is everyone doing things in different ways, making team work harder? The key to success is organization.  Let us help you get organized virtually!

Virtual Training

Need help with your computer? Need to improve your computer skills? Don’t waste your time & money on expensive computer classes that teach you a broad range of things you don’t need and will forget. We offer customized and affordable training to meet your own needs in the comfort of your own office or home. Work remotely with us, learning what you want on your own computer, where you’re comfortable and can save all your work. We can teach and help you keep-up with today’s computer technology! We also offer services that you may wish to outsource to us.

Virtual Computer Help and Maintenance

Does your organization need help maintaining their computers? Do you not have the funds to hire a regular IT person and just need some help without paying the expensive fees an IT person would charge? We can help you virtually, no matter where you are located, with many of your computer needs.

Virtual Administration and Projects

We can help you with any of your projects or administration duties, instead of having to hire another employee. We can be your Virtual Assistant! We have a variety of skills, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, data entry, database, website maintenance and social media. Whether you need help setting up a project or maintaining it, we’re here to help!

Contact us and we can help you with your needs, whether it’s on a regular basis or just a few hours as needed.