Social Media

Social Media


Social Media –Is it driving your organization crazy? Are you finding it hard to keep up? It is essential to all nonprofit organizations to help spread the word about their mission. It is a way for your organization to tell your story in more than just words, by also using images and videos. Social Media helps direct more people to your website to learn about what you do and your mission. Do you need some help with your Social Media platforms?

Here’s How We Can Help With Your Social Media Frustrations

  • Build or improve your pages on various Social Media platforms – Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • Build your BRAND across all Social Media platforms you want to use.
  • Create Social Media Covers matching your BRAND, for use on any or all of the social media platforms you use.
  • Provide suggestions and tools to help you maintain your social media existence.
  • Give you ideas on posting or even help you with your posting.
  • Help you with your images and videos.

We can build a social media presence for you on one or more of the popular social media platforms, using your own branding. We also supply you with social media tips to help save you time. We can even help by doing posts for you. If you are already using social media, we can help you “Brand” across all your platforms and help you improve your activity with our skills and expertise. We give you a professional look, without charging you the professional prices you would be charged elsewhere. Remember, our mission is to help your mission grow!

Contact us if you’d like to get a quote. Our prices are very reasonable!