Photo Organization

Do you have photos in different places and formats that need to be organized and put into one location that you can easily share? Have you heard about different programs for photo storage, but don’t know which one to use or how to use it? Are some of your photos too large to use on websites or social media? Let us help you with your photos, getting them organized digitally in proper sizes and in one location, for easy access. We can also assist in cropping and adding text to photos.

Video Organization

One of the ways a nonprofit can draw more attention to their cause is through storytelling. A great way to tell your story is with video. Is your nonprofit engaging in this medium? Are you struggling with a way to organize videos in order to share them effectively? A well-told story is invaluable, but to capture and maintain the attention of your audience they should be less than 2 minutes long. Are your videos too lengthy and need to be shortened? We can help edit and organize your videos in one location so they can be shared with ease on your website and various social media postings.


Video is taking over the internet and if your nonprofit isn’t using it, you’re losing out! Is the cost of videography preventing your organization from having a library of your own videos? Did you know there are many ways to affordably create your own? 71% of online adult Americans use video sharing sites today and this is a growing percentage each year. Using video is a great way to share your story, inspire others, and communicate your message often times better than words alone can do. We can help you get creative and build inexpensive videos that share your mission and tell your story! If you have current video that needs to be edited into a shorter version, we can help with that as well.


Montages are another powerful way of telling your story by combining text, images and music in a video-like way. If you don’t have a video and would like to have something created that’s similar, montages may be the way to go. Montages use still images put together with music and narration. Short video clips can also be included, if they are available. Montages have become very popular today, helping nonprofits share their mission and goals. We can help you get creative building a montage that tells your story!


Contact us and we can help you engage in one of today’s fastest growing media!