Email Marketing

Email Marketing



In today’s world, email marketing is just as important as social media in spreading the word about your mission. It is the most cost-effective source of marketing, which generates true results. Whether it is used to try to find new supporters, stay in touch with your current constituents or promote an event; it is the most effective way to connect and to communicate to a group(s) of people at one time.

Email marketing is effective on its own, but works even better when combined with social media, giving supporters different tools to stay engaged and help your organization spread the word through their own social networks. Most everyone uses email today. In fact, for many, it’s the first thing they check each morning and then again several times throughout the day.

Email services have wonderful tools for tracking and analyzing what is working best for you. It is also great for running social campaigns, sending out announcements and newsletters. It eliminates the hundreds of dollars needed to spend for regular mailings. These services are inexpensive compared to the cost of stationery, paper, ink and postage used in our everyday mailings. It’s also a great way to be part of the movement today of “going green.”

If your nonprofit organization is not taking advantage of this powerful tool, or need a better service, please contact us. We will work with your organization to set-up the service. We will teach you how to use the templates and the analytical reports. We can also design customized mobile friendly templates with your own branding, to allow for a more personalized feel. 

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